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The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail is a Canadian national daily newspaper

From News, to Life, to Sports, to the Globe Review, to the Report on Business, the Globe offers unparalleled covereage of Canadian news and society.

Coming soon...

We have much more in store for you in the near future

About us

The idea behind Saywall is simple. Instead of paying for access to newspapers, magazines, music, video and other online content, why not spend a few minutes completing a short market research survey and get the media product for free?

Our vision is to be the one outlet in the world where you can trade your time and profile for premium content.

Saywall does three things. We give you free, easy access to the best online content. We provide media content creators with a new revenue source. We deliver high quality, reliable survey sample to market research firms.

Saywall is a solution. We believe that your opinion counts. You should be able to trade it for what you want.

Meet the team

Daniel Rubenson

CEO & Co-founder. Daniel is a political scientist with a PhD from the London School of Economics. He lives in Toronto. Despite the Leafs.

Peter Loewen

Vice President, Sample & Product Development & Co-founder. Peter's PhD in political science is from the University of Montreal. He is based in Toronto and frequently on a FJR1300.

Taylor Owen

Vice President, Digital Content & Media & Co-founder. Taylor has a doctorate from the University of Oxford, lives in NYC, drinks a lot of espresso and is founder and editor of OpenCanada.org.

Niklas Derouche

CTO & Co-founder. Niklas, based in Stockholm, enjoys misanthropy, programming and avoiding human interaction at all cost. Also tuna salad.

Mikael Pawlo

Co-founder. Mikael co-founded the online casino Mr Green. He lives in Stockholm and is CEO of the publicly traded i-gaming investment company Mr Green & Co AB. He enjoys bowler hats.


So how exactly does Saywall work?

Instead of paying for a subscription to get over a paywall, you simply answer a short survey. In exchange, Saywall gives you a subscription.

Do I really get subscriptions for free?

Yes, you don't pay a cent for your subscription. Instead, you trade your opinions.

What products can I get?

Saywall is currently partnering with the Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper. In the near future, Saywall will bring you a wide range of newspapers, magazines and streaming media products.

Who has access to my data?

The data collected in the survey is sent directly to the market research company. Surveys are i-framed into the Saywall.com site, so we do not have access to the data.

Are surveys anonymous?

Yes, surveys are 100% anonymous and confidential. We do not attach or share your personal identifying information with the market research firms.

Where do the surveys come from?

We have relationships with a range of established, reputable market research firms. They provide Saywall users with the opportunity to complete surveys that are being conducted for their clients.

How often can I do new surveys and get new subscriptions?

As long as new media products are available, you can do as many surveys as you want.

How long will my subscription last?

For now, we are offering subscriptions of 2 weeks per survey. As we expand, the length of subscription you receive will depend on two things. First, the newspaper, magazine or streaming media you want to receive. For media that are traditionally more expensive, we offer shorter subscriptions. Second, your own usage of Saywall. The more surveys you respond to and the longer you are a user, the longer the subscriptions we can offer you. The value of your relationship with Saywall increases over time.

Can I do multiple surveys at once to get a longer subscription?

At the moment, you can only do one at a time. At the end of the subscription period we will notify you that you can another survey.

I'd like to offer my digital media on Saywall, who do I contact?

Send Taylor an email: taylor.owen@saywall.com

I'm interested in purchasing Saywall sample for my market research firm, who do I contact?

Send Peter an email: peter.loewen@saywall.com

When will other products be available?

Soon. We are in the process of adding a wide range of media products, including newspapers, magazines, video and audio streaming and games.

Seriously, free?

Yes, seriously.

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